How do I make a windscreen for this model I am making in Solidworks

I have been making this thing which looks like a mini submarine or something, however I am stuck on how to make the windscreen. I have put two files in of the origional and what I want it to look like (I drew i on with paint). How do I achieve it

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lofted surface? I think it is a little work but you should be able to get it with 2 planes and loft surface and then mirror it or create 3 planes(2 on each end and the 3rd in the middle) and loft surface. You can use 3D sketch for guide curves. This would be my approach to begin with and workaround. I made a small testpart to show if that is what you wanted.

Good luck. :D

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There is a Feature called, 'spline on Surface'.
You can use that to create the expected windshield outline.

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