How do I make an assembly out a complex part?

I have designed a stool which has 7 parts. I have already saved each part, turning them into bodies then.
Now I'm trying to remember how do I make the original file go from solidpart to solidassembly, enabling me to draw each body separetly. Once I saw something like that, but I can't recall how to do that.

thank you guys in advance!

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3 Answers

You can just create a new assembly and pull in each solid part file. Adding the mates as you are going along.

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Try to learn about mating constraints in assemply module.That are used to make the assemply from seperate parts

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Guys, thank you very much for the time and attention to my question.
I remembered how I did the first time and worked: I created a complex part, like a chair, let's say. Then I saved each body with the Save Bodies comand in the Insert tab, and right after I used Create Assembly (insert tab) and saved it with its right name. That way I got myself an Assembly which I needed not to mate one-by-one.

Thank you guys!

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