How do I make concentric cones?

I'm new to SW and I want to learn how to make cones for my 2-stroke exhaust.
I often use a program called cone layout to make the cones, but I want to make them in SW so I can assembly all the cones and see how it fit.

I have a friend that have made the cone I uploaded, but how do I make the angles, and how do I change the lenght of it?

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2 Answers

To make 180° cone section:
1. on the Top plane draw an arc.
2. exit sketch mode and create a new plane above or below the plane you drew your arc. to do this got to Insert - Reference Geometry - Plane. In the first reference box, click the Top plane. In the box labeled "D1" put the height you want your cone to be and click OK.
3. On the new plane, draw your second arc.
4. Exit sketch mode and click on the sheet metal banner and select "Lofted Bend". Select the two arc in the profile box, make sure you choose a thickness. Use the arrows at the left to put the material to the inside or the outside of your profiles.
5. Noe if you want a Flat pattern, save it as a DXF or DWG. Click the green arrow to the left and you'll see a preview of the flat. Click save.

Let me know how it works out.

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I can't open the file you uploaded, future version for me :-(

There's a couple ways you could set up the angle:

1. the tedious, normal way: sketch some points and define some axes first which will let you create planes at angles relative to other planes, then build your cone sketches on these planes, then make the lofted bends.

2. the easy, freehandy cool way, build some driving geometry first. Construct individual circular surface features representing the end diameters of the cone on top of each other on the same plane, then use 'move/copy' body twice on one of the surfaces. Once to get the cone height, the second time to tip the surface to the appropriate angle, then use these surfaces as sketch planes for the sketches you'll use in the lofted bend.

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