How do I make only one part in an assembly to rotate?

I attached the image, I have the symbol in the middle and the text on the sides. What I want is the text to be static in that position but the symbol in the middle to rotate about itself. I can't do it with the motor option since I don't have axis of symmetry about which the motor would spin it. Is there an option to make it simply rotate about itself as if it was the only part in the assembly and I ran the animation wizard on rotate mode?

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Look at the planes, isn't there a way for me just to select the part which contains the cube and make it rotate about itself?

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In solidworks it is simple as you want to rotate the cube part you can but if you want to make static the "J " and " M " and the square part at the bottom you can , just you have to make them in the other plane parallel to the plane in they are.
So it is represent as the sketch in the other plane and it will not rotate when you rotate the cube.

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