How do i model a rubber sheath as a separate part ?

I've made this cricket bat and when i had to model the rubber sheath over the handle i didnt know how to . Well its easy to jus model the shape into the part , but i need to know how it can be done as a separate part ! The model can be found here Cricket Bat !

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You could model in as a seperate body then split the bodies out as seperate parts to assemble or make a new assembly with your bat and add a new part in-context . Look up multi-body parts, save bodies, and in-context parts or bottom up design. These subjects as a whole would take way too long to explain here.

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I thought about a bit more and here is an easy way.
This is using a multi-body and revolved thin feature.

Answered with a tutorial:

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Wow ! This is exactly what i wanted :) i was wonderin if i could use the convert command but didn kno that silhouette edges can be used to make entities . Thanx a lot Chris !

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