How do I open a .igs file in Solidworks in mm not in inches?

I have a file in igs format that I need to open in Solidworks. The file shouldn't have any particular unit. But somehow Solidworks read the units as inches - and a dimension that should be 5mm is 5 inches and 130 something mm.
I tried opening a new part, setting the units as mm and saving it as a metric template. Then when i open the igs part I go to options and select Document template specified units. But still the part ends up with the 130mm size.
How do I solve this?

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3 Answers

Problem solved. It seems the problem was due to how the igs file was saved, not a solidworks issue.

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Can someone explain how .igs files open in solidworks clearly??

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Could you send me a file or make a link to download it? i'll try to see that problem on my pc.

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