How do I read a Creo 3.0 VRML (.WRL) into GrabCAD Print?

We have a new Stratasys J750 and want to use VRML files with it. This would seem to be the easy way for our engineers to assigned the desired color to their models before sending them to the printer.

The problem is that we cannot get GrabCAD Print to read VRML files generated from Creo. Note: We have also tried adding Creo files but in most cases, they also fail.

Creo generated STL files seem to be the only files we can reliably add to GrabCAD Print. Does anyone have a better solution? So far, because of the limitations in GrabCAD Print, we are not getting value from our new printer and that is very disappointing.

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if you have solidworks 2016 you can get plug in - SW2017 cant put add ins :D

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