How do I remove neutral IDs from CREO parts so I can see how they were made?

When I download some files on the site for CREO or ProE, I find that sometimes they have hidden the proccesses of how it was made using a neutral ID. How do I remove this so I can see exactly how it was made? I want to be able to replicate the designs myself and practice by copying how someone else has made something. Thanks.

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Can you please give me a file that I can have a look at as an example?

Typically speaking though, imported data such as STEP or IGES come in as single object solids or as a single quilt, assuming the import was quite clean. If not so good it would import as surfaces with some patches missing.

If you are referring to Pro/e or Creo features you will not find them present as the file type is intended to be "neutral" or "dumb" data. I don't want to make any further general statements until I find out exactly what you want to achieve.

Hope that starts the conversation.

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