How do I scaled sketch at the center which i also have to rotate about its center point?

Guys I am having difficulty with modeling in NX. there is this helical gear drawing attached which i am trying to make in NX. for which I need to resize curve in sketch which is projected by using offset curve command. but the difficulty is am unable to locate the scaled sketch at the center which i also have to rotate about its center point. Kindly suggest the solution.

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1. take three planes at the particular distance. 0,48,96.
2. Draw sketch, apply scale curve, set scale factor 1, 0.75, 0.50.
apply move curve set angle 0,15, 30.
3. use through curves, select all sketches

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Hoi Sourabh,

the best way is to attacht the file, so I can see where it is going wrong.
When I see the drawing, I think there are different ways to get the model.
I always draw with Inventor, but I do have 2 years experince with NX.
The version I have at home is NX 8.5.



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1. Sketch the profile
2. Within same sketch, use Pattern Curve set to 'Circular' & create 3 instances, 15º apart
3. Extrude the first 15º instance 45 mm
4. Extrude the second instance 95 mm
5. Scale the 1st extrude body to 75% using "Scale Body"
6. Scale the 2nd extrude body to 50% using "Scale Body"
7. Use "Through curves" to create your swept form

Why I chose to do it this way?

Mainly because I like to work directly from the numbers provided. 75% & 50% imply scale and so, working with a scale body gives me numbers that correlate, rather than calculating the proper offset. Not to mention, it makes things a lot easier later if you need to edit...

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More in depth demonstration of the scaling method.

Scaling of the 1st extrusion body: (scale_1st_body)
Scaling of the 2nd extrusion body: (scale_2nd_body)

Final through curve mesh with the proper heights set, using a hexagon for simplicity sake: (scaled_bodies_tree2)

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1. I created second sketch with offset with zero distance.
2. Used scale curve to resize it.
3. Used move curve to rotate about a point.
Now bout through curve, isn't it a surfacing command why is it used for solid modeling. There should be solid modeling command for creating the multi-section solid, is there any?

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This how I made it. Also please look at the drafting.

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