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How do I uninstall GrabCAD Workbench?

By Brendan Henderson on 02 Mar 23:01 3 answers 0 comments

How do I uninstall GrabCAD Workbench? I have no native 'Uninstall GrabCAD Workbench' option in any folder, nor do I have a GrabCAD folder in the Start menu. And it can't be found in Control Panel/Uninstall Programs.

3 answers

  • Phil Maddox
    Phil Maddox over 3 years ago

    Strange i recently installed it only to find out my trial period had ended so simply went to control panel/ programs and uninstalled it.
    Maybe you could try to re-install it. Some installers recognise previous installs and give you a "repair/ remove" option ...worth a try ...good luck

  • Brendan Henderson
    Brendan Henderson over 3 years ago

    It sure is. I'm running dangerously low on SSD space and want to move (re-install) it to another drive.

  • Hans de Ridder
    Hans de Ridder over 3 years ago

    Why uninstall???
    It is a great tool to manage your work if you wanna work in a private environment..

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