How do i upload a model without it being in a screenshot format?

The first problem i ran into, was that it was a little confusing to upload a model without it becoming a screenshot, it would say upload "file" or "folder" i chose file and it was only a screenshot.

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Weird!? When you pick the inventor ipt file to upload, the system should recognize it as an inventor file - you only have to select which version (2012, 2013, etc.).

Default image for the part will be the grey cube, until this render is uploaded...
You create the render or screenshot yourself and upload the jpeg.

Some people only upload the model - the cubes when it is new. Someone else download the model and make the render. This is then uploaded... when you open the page for the model you may see the model by somebody, while on the render "this render made by xxx"...

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You have to upload the IPT file(s) along with the .IAM assembly file(s) first then along side make a rendering in Inventor and upload as a picture.

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