How do I use the FEA in solidworks 2010 to test a chassis?

I have a tubular chassis frame that i want to stress test. I have drawn the chassis using swept boss bases but I'm not sure wether that was the right way to go about it. I realised alot of people model them using weldments but i havent tried that. Could anyone give me any information about wether ive gone about designing it the correct way in order to stress test it? Ive added a photo of the frame if that helps.Thanks

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you should go to tools>add-ins and check the "solidworks simulation". but i think your solidworks should be premium version. then the simulation menu appears in menu-bar and you also see simulation tab. there you should go to simulation>study and select static type. after that you should apply material define your fixture and loads.(each of these items has a adviser that could help you.) then you should mesh your chassis and finally run the simulation. after that go to result adviser> new plot > factor of safety. but remember this test is just something approximate. for precise results you should your Ansys or Abaqus

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