How do I work With a solid that has been extracted from a surface?

Hello all,

Im new to CAD and recently started to pick up CATIA. My question is that I have a stp file that has been given to me, and the part needs to be redesigned. I have extracted the surface of the part and converted the surface into a solid in the part design work bench. How can I proceed from here such that I can modify the solid?

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Answer is simple: with modifying the surfaces.

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Generally it depends on what kind of modifications you need to make to the imported part. Some changes are easy to do, such as translating or offsetting surfaces, adding holes or bosses etc. More extensive redesign such as significant adjustments that change the form of the part are likely going to be much more involved, and potentially impossible, to make to imported 'dumb' geometry.

So depending on the complexity of the part and the nature of the redesign, re-modeling the part with 'real' features might be the best way. Personally, I've not yet had great success with feature recognition on complex parts.

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you asked:
"What needs to be done is to convert a hollow cylinder into a "square" type hollow shaft though Im not sure how feasable this is just by using the stp file."

IMO, it would be easier to start a new file and make the hollow square shaft. Other than some basic measurements, there's nothing there that can be converted.

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