How do we achieve the results of Shell command(of Solidworks) in Rhino?

Any component shape is achieved in surfaces in Rhino; the same can be selected with one command click and we get a shell with draft angle and defined thickness. How can we achieve the same in Rhinoceros software. - If there is no direct way, plz. explain the details. will be a gr8 help. Will appreciate. Thanks.

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3 Answers

As far as I understand the question, you ask how to get a tapered shell in Rhino?

How about drawing two circles, both defining the outer and inner diameter and the same end of the shell. Not you go to Surface > Extrude > Extrude and click the Tapered option in the command bar. You first click for the length of the shell, and secondly, you click for the expansion of the end of the shell: you can now define how 'tapered' it should be.
You can close the object using Surface > Patch, Surface > Planar surface, Surface > Edge, Solid > Cap planar holes.

But if you want a 'shell'-command like SolidWorks has, I must disappoint you: to my knowledge, Rhino does not come with that option. You must define both the outer and inner surface of your hollow object yourself...

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