How do you change the language for imported Solidworks parts into English

I have imported parts from other countries with their native language and cannot understand the menu items for the parts. I need to change the settings such that the menus are in English. Any help is appreciated.

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I have not seen any method to do that short of copy/paste into an online translator and renaming each feature manually.

It might be possible to write some type of macro to rename the features from a text file that already contains the new contents, but you'd have to do this a lot for a macro to pay off.

People generally do not bother renaming the features in the tree, so they are most likely boring things like extrude 1, cut-extrude 3, fillet 12, loft 1....etc.
By knowing the feature icons, you'll be able to easily identify the type of feature being used no matter what the language is.

Thanks for the insight and I thought that this may be the case. I am hopeful that either someone at SolidWorks is listening to help resolve this. Even if there is a way to rebuild the model with my default settings would be helpful; otherwise I may just re-label them as suggested.

I went ahead and did the tedious task of renaming every single foreign language occurrence in the part and was very time consuming, but at least I now can understand the part.

Rushil ; Thank you for the comment that it is now resolved in the 2020 version of SW but for the older versions like my 2018 there was no solution.

Thinking about it, a simple find/replace script could work if no renaming of the features was done in the feature tree.

The problems would be having it recognize the original language, but that could be embedded in the file properties automatically.
Then if any features had been renamed, the script would just ignore them.

You can submit product enhancement requests at the SOLIDWORKS site.

I can see a use for a translation feature, but the icons really do tell the whole story regardless of the text.
An example is attached. Even without readable text, each process can be identified.