how do you convert this cup to copper(sheetmetal) and find the blank development required for drawing process?

help me to find the blank development

2 Answers

thank you, for your valuable answer. this one is very helpful too.

It is not a "sheet metal" part.
This object curves in two directions at once (the fillet intersection between the base and the wall).
Sheet metal parts bend in one direction, and seams, or bend lines do not pass over each other.
This is more of a stamping/drawing operation which results in the buckling or folding of material. There are some plugins for SW which solve these problems, but it is not part of the standard installation.

There is a Flatten Surface option in some versions of SOLIDWORKS (professional?). It might be able to come up with an approximate answer. Check out the Help topic on Flatten and see if it could work in this case. I don't think sheet metal is going to give you what you want.