How do you create lights for rendering in CATIA?

I want to know how to render headlights, for example, in CATIA using the lights in Real Time Rendering. I messed around with it a little, but I still didn't get the results I wanted. A tutorial would be nice.

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For me it is the same! I tried a lot with photostudio and RTR, but light gives only poor results. The quick photostudio is good for a quick result, so I use Keyshot for high quality rendering (also with light effects). It is very Easy to use.


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Hello Chris!
If you are Student, there is an educational license for about 100$. For this Software a real fair price. Here you can find resellers...

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In CATIA real rime rendering..... Create point light, go to its properties and in area tab, make it an area. Also the light source should be surrounded by good reflective material. And the front glass should be clear glass...... Need to work a lot with material properties to get good rendering......

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