How do you cut out a isogrid pattern along a cylinder in Inventor?


I would please like to know how to cut out a iso grid pattern along a cylinder in Inventor.
I do not know how to make the isogrid pattern wrap around the cylinder. Please help

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2 Answers

The most obvious answer is to use the emboss command. Create the 'master' cylinder onto which you want to create the cut outs.

Next create a plane tangential to the cylinder surface. Offset another plane parallel to this so that it is not touching the surface of the cylinder. The emboss command will fail if it is touching.

Draw the iso grid shape onto this plane and then using the wrap to face option within the emboss command create the depth of cut you require.

If its a regular pattern around the circumference or length, create a small area and then pattern it.

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another option would be to create "rings" whose inner diameter & thickness match your desired cut; use rect array to create rows and CUT them from the main cylinder. Vertical lines could be done similarly using vertical, rectangular prisms circular-array about the perimeter and CUT also.....

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