How do you do a bag in solidworks? tostada bag, chips bag??

Cant find any tutorials on doing these. would like to do a bag and just paste a label of chips or something like that.
Does anyone have a link on a tutorial?

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While not impossible, the shape of the bag will be difficult to create in SolidWorks. A freeform modeler like zbrush, mudbox, cinema 4D, modo...etc. would be a better tool to create the bag in.

The label is best applied in your rendering software. Photoview 360 comes with SolidWorks. SolidWorks visualize is another option, and Keyshot is very popular.

If you had to model the bag in SolidWorks, you might be best off creating a series of planes in the Z axis, on each plane you'll sketch the layer profile of the bag with a spline. Once the layers are complete, you could do a loft between them all to fill in the missing gaps.

The process is rather prone to failure, so don't try to make extreme changes between layers.
Keep the number of spline points the same from layer to layer.
Do one layer at a time, and make sure it continues to work instead of getting to the end and hoping for the best.

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You can try Fusion 360 and try sculpt mode.

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Thank you sir.. thats what i thought.. i might try maya

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