How do you do a surface cut without cutting the entire object

I am teaching myself Solidworks as the last time I used it I was at Uni. I have modeled a release for a paintball magazine. I need to cut one corner off the bottom. I created lines to mark the corner. Then created a plane that followed those lines. I wanted to do a cut to surface. However whenever I do it it cuts through the entire object. I tried to make the plane smaller and not the entire object and even though the preview shows that it isnt cutting through the entire object when I cut to surface it cuts it all. Anyone please explain - I must be doing something wrong or have made a mistake somewhere.

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Two options include:
1. Since you already have the sketch lines made, use them to split (Insert - Curve - Split Line - Projection) the model faces. Then select the unwanted faces, right click, choose delete, and use the fill option.
2. If you had not already laid out the sketch lines, I'd suggest using a vertex chamfer.

Answered with a tutorial:

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Hello, I can´t open your drawing I don´t know why, so if you can send me your draw to my e-mail maybe I can help you. Email:

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If you have the proper plane you can make a simple sketch on that plane and use Cut-Extrude, that's it...

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Thank you all for your answers. I actually worked out in the end I could do a cut extrude across the plane I created. But I am glad that I now know how to do it in other ways as well.

Thank you all for your input

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its not opening show ing error message like "future version"
how to open this kind of file

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