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How do you do a surface cut without cutting the entire object

By Raphael Sappa on 04 Nov 21:21 6 answers 0 comments

I am teaching myself Solidworks as the last time I used it I was at Uni. I have modeled a release for a paintball magazine. I need to cut one corner off the bottom. I created lines to mark the corner. Then created a plane that followed those lines. I wanted to do a cut to surface. However whenever I do it it cuts through the entire object. I tried to make the plane smaller and not the entire object and even though the preview shows that it isnt cutting through the entire object when I cut to surface it cuts it all. Anyone please explain - I must be doing something wrong or have made a mistake somewhere.


TIPX mag Release.SLDPRT, 103 KB

6 answers

  • Wojciech S.
    Wojciech S. almost 2 years ago

    If you have the proper plane you can make a simple sketch on that plane and use Cut-Extrude, that's it...

  • Raphael Sappa
    Raphael Sappa almost 2 years ago


    Thank you all for your answers. I actually worked out in the end I could do a cut extrude across the plane I created. But I am glad that I now know how to do it in other ways as well.

    Thank you all for your input

  • mohammed  ubaidullah
    mohammed ubaidullah almost 2 years ago

    its not opening show ing error message like "future version"
    how to open this kind of file

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