How do you download a Step/Iges file?

I have AutoCAD 2011 & Inventor 2011, I haven't been having to much trouble with those files. Most of them download without a problem. Except I have been noticing that a lot of the Inventor assembly files won't download because the iam. (assembly) files do not have the ipt. (part) files that have to to be uploaded with them. However I can't open any of the Step files I keep getting a message that says "Windows can't open this file, to open this file windows must know what program to use". Do I need to get/download a new program specifically to open Step files?

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2 Answers

You just have to import them in Inventor. After you open Inventor you go to "open file" and in the browser you have to choose the file type you want to open. You should choose STEP or IGES and your browser will show them.
If you want to open Step or Iges files by double clicking you have to specify Inventor as the default program to open these file types.

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Thanks for the tip, it seemed to work pretty good. I've only been a member here for a couple weeks, and have always just used AutoCAD & Inventor so this matter never came up before. Its great that now I go browse & download thousands of drawings that I wasn't able to get to before. Thanks again, Greg.

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