How do you earn badges in GrabCAD?

Does it depends upon the Rank you earned in the community?

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4 Answers

Uploading most models in 30 days gives you a badge.
Uploading 100 renders of your models gives you a badge (meaning you have to upload 100 of your own models)
Uploading 100 renders of other members models gives you a badge (you have to download 100 models of other members and make a render and upload it - 1 render counts per downloaded model)
Sum of 10.000 total (and more) downloads of your own models gives you a badge... (having complex and refined models helps here)
Three badges get your profile to 100%
Contributing in the Q&A section increases your rank also.
Do not worry about ranking. I sometimes fall down, sometimes go up. Makes no difference to me, I make no money with a higher rank. This is not a competition.

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I have 26 models (earlier I had 28 models) but no badge. But if you see this profile Grădinaru Vasilică he has earned badge of Active Uploader, by uploading 4 models & also ranked 127. Gr8!
How do you justify?

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I have only 6 models and i am stuggling ....hope so i'll be a good Designer.

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