How do you make realistic lighting by using the part that is supposed to be the light source?

I'm creating a lantern and I do not know how to make the light part glow/be bright enough to illuminate the whole lantern or at least the part where you can see through the glass. The file "Part 5" is supposed to be the light source.

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3 Answers

go to the display manager (colored ball tab on the above the feature tree to the left of the screen) then there is an icon called view lights, scene and camera. Her you can add a light. add a point light and move it to where you want it. I hope this helps. If not, give me a few weeks and I will try and put a tutorial together.

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I have been looking for this tutorial since I first read you question as I remembered reading this one a few years ago. It sounds like you already figured it out but this may help to improve your results. Sorry it took so long to find it.

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Thank you. It was confusing at first but I managed to look how I wanted it to.

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