How do you model mechanism in SW?

I'm looking for best practices, what you've found to work good or to be problematic. If you have any examples would be great. I will be working on some linkages and want your advice.

I have used assembly layout but there are a lot of things that I dislike like you can only sketch on the front plane... you can't refer to external geometry... If you have some blocks that are exactly the same in your layout, SW can't recognize that they are the same part when you transfer them in 3d... you can't use the sketch slot in a layout HEY WHAT DO YOU THINK A LINKAGE LOOKS LIKE?& it's no more than an oblong!!!

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Currently I've here a model named 3D spatial mechanism on which i make a tutorial.
Basically, one must first to sketch a main mechanisms design task. That can be a two or three positions in space, or specific path which must be followed etc. Now you must setup a limitations which is derived from a curret objects in surrounding space of future mechanism. Then decide a place for supports of mechanism - steady points where you make a unmovable bearings. And use a theory of mechanisms.

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I'll prepare a tuts of 3D mechanism in SW.
See yaa.

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Thank you it would be appreciated, and beneficial for other users too

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