How do you run Generative Assembly Structural Analysis in CATIA V5?

My workplace is running CATIA V5R18. I have no problems running Generative Part Structural Analysis.

I have problems running Generative Assembly Structural Analysis (Static Case) on a CATIA Product. CATIA seems to treat it as an Analysis for 1 part and ignores all the other parts in the assembly. So, I get this no entry sign if I try to assign meshes, clamps, assembly connection properties or loads on the other parts.

I can run the Static Case Solution but then only that 1 part shows up (see picture).

This product that is shown here has 2 parts. All parts have been fully constrained together by 3 Coincident constraints, which do not overlap. The Analysis sometimes allows Analysis Connections but not attaching Connection Properties to them.

While I have used the Boolean option to Boolean together parts into a single big part, it assumes that all parts are rigidly joined together at all points and are made of the same material. So, for some things, this approach cannot be used.

What should I do?

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1 Answer

Your analysis is not linked to the Products. You can check whether your products is linked (all of the parts) to the analysis manager by right click the Nodes & elements and Mesh visualization the products. I bet the result mesh is just the one part that your second image shown

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