How do you use True/False User Parameters in the iPart Author table?

I made an ipart of an 8020 1530 extrusion so that I could have different lengths of the extrusion in my library. I use an iLogic rule so that I can use true/false parameters to turn mitre cuts on and off for the ends. It all works fine within the part file but if I want to make an ipart I can't find my user parameters anywhere in the iPart Author table. Am I missing something or does Inventor not allow you to use true / false parameters and rules with an ipart table?

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I've been doing some work with iParts, iLogic, and Content center the last couple days and have run into the same problem. From what I can find on the help wiki, Inventor iPart tables cannot handle "text" data to drive model parameters.

I was able to make a workaround using iLogic rule for my part. I left the true/false parameter in place (although you wouldn't need to) and then created a unitless numeric parameter to use as boolean (I enter either 0 or 1)

In iLogic, I created a rule:
if T_F_Boolean = 0 then
{operation for false}
else if T_F_Boolean = 1 then
{operation for true}
end if

The operations can be to set your True/False parameter value (since you already have that working) or perform the actual operation itself (i.e. make feature inactive or whatever.)

Hope this helps.

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