How do you use True/False User Parameters in the iPart Author table?

I made an ipart of an 8020 1530 extrusion so that I could have different lengths of the extrusion in my library. I use an iLogic rule so that I can use true/false parameters to turn mitre cuts on and off for the ends. It all works fine within the part file but if I want to make an ipart I can't find my user parameters anywhere in the iPart Author table. Am I missing something or does Inventor not allow you to use true / false parameters and rules with an ipart table?

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To answer to your question...

In the iPart Author dialogue on the "Suppression" tab you will find what you ask for.
Click on it and it will appear on your table below the name of the feature as suppressed or not, depends on the statement that is active... (if that is not the case use the middle arrows by selecting the appropriate feature to transfer it on the right block as shown in the picture...)

Check Pic & Model

If you ask my opinion!!! ;)

The one cancel the other (iLogic the ipart) so I don't really understand the usage of the iLogic here...
However the results that you ask for are coming by a published iPart (No iLogic) in your Library or Even better by publishing the profile in frame generator!!!

Answered with a tutorial:

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Hi Noel

Happy to help you with this...
Have you ever consider to publish this profile, and then to use the frame generator as a more convenient way in your assemblies!!!

I like the iLogic but here is not the optimum solution check the link below...


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