How do you use True/False User Parameters in the iPart Author table?

I made an ipart of an 8020 1530 extrusion so that I could have different lengths of the extrusion in my library. I use an iLogic rule so that I can use true/false parameters to turn mitre cuts on and off for the ends. It all works fine within the part file but if I want to make an ipart I can't find my user parameters anywhere in the iPart Author table. Am I missing something or does Inventor not allow you to use true / false parameters and rules with an ipart table?

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Hi Noel Ilogic and Iparts is a very big topic to answer your question but yes you can have true of false statements.

I take it you have a good knowledge of IV if you are using Ilogic rules.

If you go here this will maybe help you and brake it down a little better than what I could explain.

This is my model maybe you could learn from this?
Actuator, I - Part

If you are still having problems, let me know and I shall send you another model I have of a suspension systems that I have done with true or false statments... I shall just need to look it out as I do not have it on GrabCAD.

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