How does CATIA compare?

I am looking into moving jobs and I currently use SolidWorks. The job I will be accepting uses CATIA. Does anyone have any insight into the two platforms? Will it be a simple transition? What are the main differences? I have heard horror stories about CATIA do not want to put myself in a bad situation.


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I know a lot of students which were doing both "ways".
learn first CATIA than SW
learn first SW then CATIA

ALL say, if you understood one software, it is more or less EASY to learn the other CAD system.

so, don´t be afraid....


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If you know SolidWorks then you will need only 1 or 2 weeks learning the way CATIA works. It's better to learn both.

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If you can use one, then its simple to learn the other, does not matter which one you learn first in my opinion.
A huge difference is when you get into Surface modeling in Catia.
Surface modeling is alot better in Catia. Catia is built so you can design inside the same software, Solidworks is not.

Although not exactly true, I think im not far of when im saying that Solidworks is about comparable with just the Mechanical module of Catia, while Catia has far more other uses.

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