How does one resolve a downloaded file which has an assembly?

Most downloads has an assembly that has parts from the content centre, now how does the file get resolved?

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If you are talking about the nuts, blots and so on then they should be in the project file that is down to the end user not saving the content centre parts the right way for exporting along with there model.......
There is no easy way to resolve this problem other than you will need to ask the uploaded to save the parts the correct way for exporting with there project or you will need to painstakingly go through the content centre your self and get the parts that were not with the project and save them onto your computer.

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I agree with William, they need to do a proper ”pack-n-go” exportation.

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Hate to repeat but yes, Pack N Go works best. If these "standard parts" are not part of Inventors standard parts library, like in the case these are standard parts of the company the other person is working for, they will have to include those in the dataset they send you. That's where Pack n Go comes in handy.

I can't tell you how many times I've had a client send an assembly file but no parts.

The best way to think about it is an assembly file is nothing more than a file with graphical links to the part files. In other words, there basically are no actual files contained in the assembly, just the links to those files (of course aside from assembly features, but that's a different story). When someone sends you an assembly file, make sure they send each and every file that assembly calls for. This is what Pack N Go does for you.

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