How does the feed return of a drill press work?

I'm designing a drill press but since I don't have one to take apart and see how it all works I don't know how the feed return is designed.

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Hello Matthew, of the building of a machine, how you show her in your projects, I can only advise to you against!! There you need a in the best way equipped workshop!!The moving fetching mechanism works with a feather and works directly on either the spindle hull linked together or the gear drive !!! Writes on which parts you must buy in addition and you recognize fast, this these are much more expensive than a completely ready, new machine !!! But there are alternatives! I upload three examples you! Those one can adapt to modern conditions! Look at you also times here the self's building CNC machines. Exclude you the step engine of drives and replace it by crank handles! Relatively the favourable price manufacturer bench drills from building markets results from the mass production in cheap wage countries !!! You find an example of a simple gear rack adjustment in my project :Slide assembly for octagonal extrusion profil !

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