How does this work.

i've been trolling around here for the past few days and I'm seeing some really great designing. I'm currently a product design student and I have a few design systems under my belt along with some experience in mold design and product design. I'm fluent in Unigraphics but have sound solidworks fundamentals.

I myself cannot get a grasp on what exactly goes on. I have seen the surfacing for auto bodies and using 2d to create 3d surfacing.

Then i see all these other designs that look dimensional and visually correct.

where does one come up with the parameters and dimensional values to design with.

Can someone explain the way all of this works ?

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2 Answers

The car surface models aren't usually perfect as far as dimensions and contours as wolf mentioned, but a lot of the other files are correct. A lot of these files were modeled as engineering files for manufacturing.

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Actually they aren't correct dimensionally nor visually, by using blueprints (orthogonal views) you can get approximate shapes.

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