How does your cad crew look all together?

Not only working but also enjoying #2 :D

Take a rendering or a screenshot of your works in one scene. We will get some funny, ultraprofessional, esthetic views.

You can do it with your 3d software's assembly mode. Grab all your cad into one scene and take a screenshot/rendering of that scene.
Or you can import all models into a scene in Keyshot or any other rendering software. drag drop the file and select "add to scene"

Heat up your cpu'ss and gpu'ss grabbers.. :))

(for who can't do it -doensn't have rendering software etc.- and want it, just request it on request page. ;))

"i got that idea today. Found a funny way to do it all together.. will take one of mines. ;)"

for "Not only working but also enjoying #1"

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Here's mine KeyShot2 Scenes Pt.3 it's not all of the models since after 700Mb scene my comp started acting up

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