How draft an IGES file in Solidworks and how to convert an IGES file in parametric format?

if someone can provide me with step by step procedure or tutorial it'll be a great help....

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Good Question Gaurav !
IGES is restricted body / surface data format. NX have facility to carry out certain changes to IGES Solids using Synchronous technology option. But Solidworks do not have such option. There is different approach for this problem.

Open Solidworks. Press CTRL+O (open file shortcut). Next to filename, you will see All Files as selected option. Click on it and menu will popup. Select IGES in that menu. Click on "OPTIONS" located above of file type selection field. Import Options dialogue box will appear.
Now make following changes ;
Tick Try forming solids and B-ray Mapping.
Tick Import multiple bodies as parts.
Now Click OK.
Locate your IGES file through Open File Navigator and click open.
If your IGES is single body then it will open as a part otherwise it will generate assembly.
For Part file, use feature recognition in solidworks and convert it into editable model. For parametric, you will need to manually assign required dimensions, constraints and relations to the sketches of newly formed part body.
Once you have part file ready, you can implement other changes as per requirement.

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To convert an Iges to a parametric model, you'd essentially need to recreate it step by step.
You might be able to accelerate the process a bit with the FeatureWorks add-in in SolidWorks.
Enable FeatureWorks (tools - Add-ins), import the iges file, choose to proceed with feature recognition... Keep you fingers crossed for good results.
You'd still need to manually add in parametric relationships and dimensions, but it could save some effort by creating many of the sketches and features.

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