How Engineer profile search work in GrabCAD?

When searching profiles, how does grabcad generate results? How can a user make sure he shows up in results?

When doing a general search for "cars" or "racing" you get obvious related models for those terms. When you look through the profile results there are rarely any related results, and most of the profiles that come up are of users who have not filled out their page or have any activity here. Is it possible to effectively search profiles? Also, if someone came to grabcad in search of an engineer or designer to give a job to, how do they find that grabcad user? Yes, I have figured out how to find certain people, but that is only because I've been here a little while. What about a new user that's never been before?

For example, why does Jerod Shelby show up in a search for "cars"? Obviously we all know that Mr. Shelby is into cars, but what about his profile makes him show up in a search? I'm very curious how this works.

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I actually talked about this a while ago, the search function needs a lot of improvements but I see now it's gotten a little better, so I guess there have been some modifications. Previously, you couldn't even search for a model's description.
I suggest that for engineers, it sorts them by their activity or rank or something similar, better yet ... put options for how you want the results to be sorted.
And the number of results per page is really low now, should be an option to increase it.

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Since GrabCAD is no longer between the engineers and the work, I think the ability to search for engineers needs a great deal of work to be an effective tool for those looking for people. And of course an explanation to the engineers how the search works, so that we can tweak our profiles accordingly.

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I tag my models the best way I can. I'm actually having fun here and am not in pursue for a job. I have my job, sometimes even more than I manage. Maybe there should be a way for those who are interested in getting a job (or an extra job for that matter) to add to their profile a tag that would show up in search results, for example, a word "freelancer" added to their profile and those who want to hire someone to search for that word and get results that would primarily show relevant results ... I don't know how the search engine works, so, disregard this suggestion if it's stupid. :)

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Currently search works based on person description and name.
We have seen some requests about this topic, but we have also seen that lot of customers contact engineers once they have found their model that they are impressed. Then they start browsing on engineers portfolio and then contact the engineer.

We are still considering if we should do it, but have not decided because people do not use GrabCAD that way (most of the searches are for models not for people).

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