how i calculate how much liters of liquid contain in bottel ?

i am familar with unigraphics 8 And solid work 20112

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All depends on the shape of the bottle.....

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just an idea (I don't know squat about NX...)

in Inventor I just:
1) add a new surface to define the top of fluid level (must be bigger than the cross-section of the bottle)
2) copy inside surface of bottle (one blended surface/quilt)
3) switch off solid
4) then I use "sculpt"-tool to merge the 2 surfaces into a NEW solid

this new solid you can get properties from.

if you can't do something like 4) above; the 2 surfaces should intersect each other. use the one to split the other one (... both surfaces split). now patch the closed surfaces to form new solid.

I hope this helps :)

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Try to make hallow surface into solid body & check it mass by applying material. & Give water density at room temperature or temperature of running.

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