How I can made my designe portfolio??

Hello friends..I am a mechanical engineer .now a day I require one good portfolio for me .. please give some examples files for it and give your suggestions ..i am waiting for your answer thank you..

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A lot will depend on the type of projects you intend to show. Also, are you looking for a physical copy to bring with you, or a digital, or online option?

My suggestion is to get a high quality photo album with heavy, black pages.

Then, have prints of your projects/renderings printed by a photograph processing shop. 8"x10" is a good size, but you might consider two 5"x7" prints on a single page if you need to show two views at once.

The quality of your rendering/projects must obviously be very good. Lighting, colors, texture, point of view, composition...etc.

Presentation of the album is also critical. You may be a great engineer or designer, but the album is going to let you show that you have some creative/artistic ability as well.

I'd put images for a single project on the right hand pages. The left hand pages can contain a short description of project, what was learned, why it was a success...etc.

Consider that everything about the portfolio is being inspected. the projects, the printing, the arrangement, layout, color, quality of materials, font, text, grammar, punctuation, capitalization... etc.

Once you have a physical copy, it would not be much extra work to translate into a similar online/digital experience if you needed to send it to someone far away.

Here are two images as ideas for an album. Those little photo corners are great too, they look MUCH better than just about any other mounting option.

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