How I open a .SLDDRW on Solid Edge ST9???

Hello people!!!
Someone knows how I open a SolidWorks 2D file (.SLDDRW) on SolidEdge ST9??
Thanks for the help!

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3 Answers

You need to use the "SolidWorks Data Migration tool" located in the Start menu.

The bad thing is that you need a working installation of SolidWorks in your network.
The good thing is that the migration will be fully associative.

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To my knowledge Solid Modeler generated 2D drawings don't translate at all unless the solid model or assembly is in the same directory with the 2D. Most people email you their SWDDRW file thinking anyone can open them. Typical SWX user posts a sldasm file with NO part models. SWX users may be the majority, but looks like training does not come with massively pirated software.

Good Luck.

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