How i preserve features that i made after i clicked FLAT PATTERN ?

Dear GrabCaders , i have a trouble using sheet metal . my question is : How to save features that i applied on sheet metal after i clicked - "FLAT PATTERN" . in normal state , if i clicked FLAT PATTERN and than extruded cut some halls or what ever , when i am going back to banded state those features doesn't appear. PLEASE HELP!!!

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Hi Leon

My advice is mostly relative to Inventor but I am 1000% that you can pick the same way to solve your problem... in solidworks as well.
(Check the attached)

So, what you need to do is to find the command that actually "unfold" the bending part without being in the flat pattern mode then you can apply your
cut out features "fold" and keep these in the normal state...

Just be aware that the unfold command unfolds only one bend at the time...
Flat pattern unfold everything...




I hope that I didn't misundestood anything ;)

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