How I should do modelling of 18-wheeler truck tires and its grip

I wanted to design truck tire, but could not imagine grips on tires and by its sides.
Please help me to model a real life truck tire.
Thank you!

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2 Answers

There is no need to imagine the tire, the world is full of truck tires.

There are a number of tires in the library as well. I can't say if any of them are modeled on actual tires, but reviewing them will give you an idea of how they were modeled.

If there are specific parts of the tire you are stuck on, maybe post a specific question for it?
How real are you planning to make the tire? Tires are a pretty complex assembly with rubber, and woven materials. A lot of research also goes into the thread patterns to insure it works well in the rain, holds together, fits rims correctly, dissipates heat, is energy efficient, and runs with a minimal amount of noise.

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First make a simple drawing on a paper then we easily draw the module

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