How is smooth animation done on solidworks 2011 ?

I wan to animate for example a rotating wheel and want the movement to seem natural and with 24 fps . How can I do that ?
What file types can the software output ?

How can I change camera angles ?

Is there an online tutorial ? (preferably not a video)

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Still no one has answered this question I find that strange since the majority of users on GrabCAD are SW users :(((
I am not a SW user but had to try and help here is what I found sorry if this is not really a help to you @ all....

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Sorry Rami, making a tutorial about something like this is really time consuming, especially if not explaining in person, but since I see you haven't got what you're looking for, I'll give you some informations.
First, on the bottom left of your SolidWorks window click on Motion Study.
Now to the far right there's an icon for the settings, you can change how many fps you want.
There's a yellow motor icon, you can have your rotary motion from there. It's easy to figure out.
Now the most important thing, you'll find black diamond shaped 'keys' on the time line at the bottom, the upper most one controls how long the entire animation is going to be, drag it to your liking. The others are for lighting, cameras and the models.
It can be output in AVI video, BMP or TGA sequence images ... and you can even render it.
If you need help with a specific problem just ask ...

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