How It's Made: Selecting and picking one of two coincident points - the specific one you want.

Couldn't resist. Although, "How Is It Done" would-a-better-described my predicament.

If I start a new drawing and a sketch on the Top Plane, selecting the Origin with the mouse in drawing space, I see in the Feature Tree that the Origin feature item is selected. This is a pretty good sign that I've actually selected the point SWX recognizes as the origin at this coordinate (0,0,0).

When I draw a circle on a plane in space, there's a + sign in the middle to mark the location of its center point while in sketch design mode. If I click on the + sign in the center of the circle, the gray bar at the top of the Feature Tree displays * Point. This is sufficient to convince me I've picked the center point of the circle. If I then select the circle itself, the gray bar at the top of the Feature Tree displays "Circle".

If the circle was drawn on one of the primary planes at their common point (0,0,0), selecting the Origin as the starting point 'n dragging away from it to create the circle, I now have two coincident points defined at location (0,0,0). One point is the origin and one is the center of the circle. I know there are 2 points defined and saved by SWX - because, if I move the circle, it's center-point goes along for the ride, ending up at a new location that is no longer coincident with the origin.

So. When the center-point of the circle and the point marking the center of the circle are coincident, and I click at location (0,0,0), the gray bar at the top of the Feature Tree displays * Point. How can I be sure which of the 2-points has been chosen? And is there a way to specify which one to choose?

1 Answer

If you want to pick the origin, select in it the feature tree. It is a feature.

If you want greater control over what is being selected, right click on the stuff you want to select, and choose the Select Other option. If there are multiple items stacked in that location, you'll get a list of those items, pick the one you want.

It is a lot easier to avoid stacking points, it is generally a bad idea, and not necessary.