How it works? Activated Roller Belt

Hi! Does anybody know how its work. I undersatand that this specific belt has little ball. And from below something rotates this ball(i think specific belt conveyor). Intralox dont say anything about rotates this ball and Activated Roller Belt.

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Hi Viktor

I think ,the friction at the lower plate.
There are similar bands on the market.
We use this ribbon as stagnation tapes.



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Hi Victor
Take a look under "Google Patents" Activated Roller Belts and also Activated Roller Belts Intralox ! You can see the princips of function in Drawings and Text!
It's publicly and completely legal ! And yes,the Statements of M.Gebhard arecorrect!

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M.Gebhard, ARB can change movement in diffrent way (front back LEFT RIGHT). But chains and belt (that you show) can change only front and back movement. Am I correct in thinking?

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Hi Viktor
The lower Plate is going up or down.The Rollers are littel angulary!
When the plate goes up is braked.

It operates nearly similar to a tracked vehicle.
One side is braked, then turns the vehicle

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