How limit moviment in a mechanism assambly?

Hi, the problem is that I have a mechanism assambly that is manipulate for a lever that in the assambly have like 180° to move but in the real life I just can move the lever like 30°, by limits that come from the enviroment where the machine is located, so how can I limit the movement of the lever without adding all the enviroment.

thanks in advance!!

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2 Answers

In Modeling environment there is no way to limit the movement of assembly components like that. The only way is to model that limiting part (surface or solid) of the environment and use "collision detection" option while moving the parts with "Move Component" tool.

Another solution is using assembly arrangements where you can switch between two or more predefined positions of the assembly components. In this way there is no animation or movement involved, the assembly simply just changes to those defined positions.

Third solution is to use Motion Simulation or Mechatronics Concept Designer which will give many tools for this kind of simulations, but I think those are not the kind of solutions that you were looking for.

This is quite common problem in NX that you can't limit linear or angular assembly constraints by giving it minimum and maximum values. In Siemens' other CAD product Solid Edge this is possible though, even it's not high-end CAD.

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In the end I user the motion simulation, thanks

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