How many likes did my model get?

I can't see how many likes and follower have my models.

Is there any possibility to see this?

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Hey Cemal, go to my project in there you will see all your files and you will be able to see how many times they have been downloaded and also how many likes you model has..... You can not tell who is following your model any more, well not that I am aware of.....
TuT TuT TuT Cemal you have been gone from GrabCAD for to long to ask such a question LoL'ss
Hope to see you back on a regular basis again :)
The community needs someone like your self with your skills and knowledge back :)

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haha thank you william!

I have been very busy for a long time and i will keep being busy with school projects/exams/courser etc. I am so sorry for being not active as much as i was before. GrabCAD helped me a lot. There much more to spend time in here.

Thank you for your kind words. You imporved your skills I see. You are perfect bro ;)

But you gotta give a break with the girls, we need real machines LoL

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LoL'ss yeah I know I am much the same Cemal with my CAD work and also my Mechanical work now just do not get a lot of spare time to myself like I used to...... LoL'ss @ the girls models, I know do not worry they will be getting left alone for a little while now...... doing so much paper work for new project right now so no time to play with modelling girls Hahahaha nice new project has been started.... I shall add you to the private file and please feel free to give an criticism you feel that the model needs :P
//Handshake m8 good luck with your exams :)

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If you go to your notifications there is a followers tab where you can see who is following you or any of your models.

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