How many of you like to see the "Rating system" for our models in our GC?

I like to get ratings for all of our models.I feel that if the scoring system will be based on this type of "Rating Scheme" out of 5 or 10 stars.Then our community will be the great jury of our models and also ours.

I hope this will be more helpful to rebuilt our community strength.Please consider about this.And give your suggestions to our GC.

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What do points make .... PRIZES - hehhehhehe not on GrabCAD they don't, they don't count for anything other than to serve as a method for other members to let you know what they think of your model/render. Would i like to see a star rating, no i wouldn't. It's nice to have the like heart but it should not add points because it can be cheated .... Get points for downloads, nope it can be cheated. I like the badges scheme, but if you try and make it a reward scheme from your peers, guess what, it can be cheated. The comments are the best reward, and I think it could be used more effectively as a source of how well your model and or render has been received, especially if the comment has more than three words. I am just as guilty for typing "nice work again whoever" . If i really value somebodies work or if i see fault then i will write more but it's not often that I do, so I think the comment is the best source of true opinion and anything less than say five words don't count.

i agree with martin.when someone points out that you could actually do better rather than saying nice work and whatsoever.i think if someone gives constructive criticism mixed with genuine concern that means they actually do care about what you have done in the mean time ameliorating yourselves that's my point.besides if they like your model they'll hit like button.rating???.
bottom line give it your best and learn no matter what comments you cannot please every one and opinions are not facts

I have quit caring about a point award. And that makes me a happier Engineer.

Edison, The points system keeps coming up time after time and GC will not be able to ever please every one on this 100% as we are all individuals and we all have different views with such stuff. The last update to the points system must have been the 4th time to try and update it and please the community. To be honest Edison points do not mean anything on GrabCAD what does mean something is the time you take to help and educate others with, uploading models for others to learn from. You renders for others to ask questions and learn from and also the Q&A's and TUT's pages to try and share what you know with others and if someone asks for a little bit of help then you try your best to help them if you can.... That is what is important on GrabCAD as a community that we are all here to try and help each other out in any way we can....

Aren't going to work. It will influence challenge result and become like what's happen on Facebook with jokers having almost 5000 fake accounts, so that he/she win in contest based on popularity votes. There are always people out there that can go all out to win some freebies or attention. I agreed with d6a1bcfb. A simple comment like "Nice work" or "Good job" is the best recognition and reward from fellow members than rating. We already had Like and Follow. GrabCAD just need to expand its badges for 50, 100, 500, 1000+ Liked or Followed. That is enough to prove your popularity and recognition =)

A little off subject, I wish people would would use the comment section in the Q&A section cot comments and reserve the answer section for answers. And instead is just saying "nice" tell me why you thought it was nice.

@ Stephen, when I say it’s nice that usually means just that (it’s nice) now superb, beautiful, wow, and really good job means just that. some times I like it and just don't feel like typeing after 12 hours at work. I would rather someone say nice than say it sucks.

Stars? Extra points for good model? That’s what I use to teach. And this is not a classroom. Let’s face it we are humans and you will never get everyone to agree on one thing. And this is not a communistic nation I live in, so there will be no limiting what I have to say. Do you all now see what I mean when I say Points are just a gimmick? Do quality models for yourself and not to get to the top of the points list.
just my opinon

thats good idea! ;)

Try it out, it wouldn't hurt. I think you all had put some time and thought into it to create and improve a system. Every process improvement deserve as many attempts to get it perfect, nothing in this world can ever please everyone equally. ie: NO MORE 5 COMMENTS a day!!!! a reward for me is being able to say more than I can so I can get my thoughts out, every engineers don't have the luxury of time to put their thoughts or collaborate with someone to be limited to what they have to say, or a lot of sticky notes will cover their monitor. off topic there but that leads to what Martin said and I agree that the best "reward" is someone takes their time out to leave a comment because they liked a model/rendering. But William's humble words is the ultimate reward " the time you take to help and educate others with, uploading models for others to learn from."

And it's true what Martin's Tan Kok said that "popularity" contest can be cheated.

Instead of a rating system to determine the quality of a model, How about creating within the "workbench" the ability to find clash, faulty, errors or inaccurate units and scales of a model? Like most software out there to have the ability to detect and suggest corrections to a model.

Is this system installed to "rewards" or make it fun for the community or for quality of a model/ render? I think if it's something that's deserved attention, a "heart" or "favorited" or by many other engineers leaving comments, the more comments the the higher quality or uniqueness of the model is obvious.

I like to see a bubble head of members that follows a model or your projects, this way you can get in touch with them to collaborate. Because sometime there are shy people and they prefer to just poke,stab,like..okay maybe not stab, but thumbs up, rock paper scissor, stars, badges. Sometime a system that collect datas of # of views and ranked that as the most popular model , but then failed to give attention to quality model that hasn't been seen by anyone because on certain days like "holidays" the model didn't get much reviewed and not get the deserved credits/attentions.

"stars" should be used next to the avatar / default profile pic, the more stars shows the most projects they've contributed to the community, so newbies like me work their way up to the highest status base on how much models/renderings uploaded. and next to their name should be a hyperlink to their projects library.

If I had an awesome model and I had only 3 friends, Martin, William and Stephan and only out of the 3, 1 of these dudes gave me 1 heart, 1 comment, and 1 #handshake ... while Martin, William and Stephan has ka-zillions fans and friends and all 3 conspires in inbox to not like any of my models.. I'll feel sad and leaves the community. TRUE STORY no just kidding. but you get the idea haha.

Go ahead and do the stars (out of 10) and not (out of 5) , this way the ranges can determine quality. Just like dating website (yes) where someone who's less attractive and some jokers just give a 10 star rating, while someone attractive that didn't fill out their profile completely gets no Love. A guarantee a female grabby bot will get 10 stars, while a serious and very innovative functional design gets 5 stars, how are we to determine quality?

The 5 pts award for each " like" is a great system, the more points's redeemable for rewards LOL . points from hearts,liked,comments. comments should get 10 pts. .. I find the comments most rewarding, they had me coming back for the laughs and making good friends along the way.

Question: Is GrabCad still a young community? still working out different perks? I just love GC how it's so clean, no ads, Fast loading and no issues.

*read while you wait for daily 5 comments or when you have time to come back with these answers lol just trying to help out.

no, i had taken typing 101 in middle school lol . i can leave brief comments too, but you'll have to come back to every time you see a red notification up top. :P