how much does it cost to buy a industrial leather sewing machine plans for manufacturing?

Hi all,

how much does it cost to get a industrial leather sewing machine plans i am planning to build one.

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Are you looking for some one to design a sewing machine for your self or are you looking for some one with the plans so you can buy them off them to build your own sewing machine?

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On my opinion about 1 milion bucks. All is patented and the best industrial sewing machine is made by UNION SPECIAL. On second place is NEWLONG good and robust but not for 24 hours working.
Other manufacturers may made a good sewing machine for sewing tekstile stuff and I don't now this area.
Almost all industrial sewing machine has a 3d mechanism for controling a thread kniting.
First buy one from UNION SPECIAL ( approx 4000 Euros I ) and disassemble it and measure. Study a mechanism and invent something new and patent it.
This is only way to go in that niche.
For making a part find a good guy who knows a heat treatment.
Needles allways buy. Why? This is a most inportant part and all job depence on it.

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This is a big question...... can't help you..... I thought you were asking for a good industrial sewing machine.


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