How much time is needed to master Solidworks?

Hi all
I'm a professional user of CATIA and I want to get a job in CAD field in CANADA or Australia. But I think if I could master solidworks I would get that job more easily. I have some questions:
1- How much time is needed to master solidworks in professional level ? and what kind of practice does it need ?

2- Is it necessary to get a certificate for solidworks to get a job ?

3- Do I think correctly that mastering Solidworks makes better job opportunities than CATIA ?

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If you know how to use CATIA than SW will be a piece of cake to you.
All you need is a couple of weeks of adjusting to a commands and you will be rockin'. I believe that in couple of months (3 months top) you can be a professional. All you need are some tutorials, find some 2D drawings and make a 3D models out them.
I am not sure that you need a certificate for this but I know that you need knowledge in SW. I believe that there are many engineers and designers who are wizards in SW and they don't have certificates. If you have the knowledge you'll get the job.
Not many companies use CATIA, while SW is much more used software. Which means that you have bigger chances of finding the job with SW.

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I may not be an expert in this job wise, but as far as getting certified I know my fair share. I am a CSWA and I plan on taking the CSWP sometime soon, I never used any software prior to SW and passed the CSWA with a score of 235/240 within 4 months of starting(and only using it on my free time). Given a few months I believe anyone who actually wants to learn/pass can. The amount of time to do this all depends on the person, Im someone who can see how to do something and then do it myself right after, or just figure it out myself by just screwing around so just a few hours a week and I mastered much of SW. Knowing Catia will help a lot as you will know the basics of modelig and I believe SW is pretty similar, nonetheless its will help you. Good luck to you and any future careers! :)

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I have lots of tutorials of solidworks, but I mastered CATIA because of my needs, and before I learned CATIA I hadn't learned any CAD tool and it was really amazing to learn how to use CATIA . But now I can do any thing with CATIA and although I need SW it is realy boring to learn new software =(
sometimes we compare softwares automatically in our mind and it causes stopping the learning process !!

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The CSWA and CSWP are not necessary to get a SW job, but if you study for these exams, and pass, you have the proof that you know SW. However, as I have told many junior engineers and designers in the past, knowing CAD does not make you anything but a CAD Jockey or a design interpreter. Becoming a good designer or engineer takes a lot of knowledge about a lot of things, most of which is not taught in school or college. It will take more experience than anything else. The best source for the knowledge you need will be the people who build what is designed. Most of them will be happy to share what they know.

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