How much would this cost to cnc

Shapeways wanted $2000 to cast in steel lol. Can anyone give me a rough estimate on cnc cost for this can you recommend any good places

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there are companies that will print or machine anything, you just need to find them and provide them with a CAD file of whatever type they need.

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Hey man, I co-own a CNC shop ( and that is not designed for the process of CNC machining and is why it is so expensive. Most of the features will have to be a 3D interpolated surface made with a ball end mill and thousands of passes. As designed, it is more of a cast part.

I constantly try to educate our customers with DFM (Design for Manufacturability), to help with these issues of designs that are so expensive to make via CNC. This is the problem with 3D printing. You can design whatever you want, but when it comes time for real materials CNC'd, you end up with a design that's crazy expensive. There are so many ways to design differently that would make your part cost $200 rather than $2000. Check this stuff out here:

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