How often do you hit your head against the wall?

I don't mean literally, more of a figure of speech. The actual situation is that you get to do an assignment, project, task with some sort of freedom to do the best you can. Once you finish the work, THEN they tell you it's nice, but it's either too expensive to manufacture, or they don't have the adequate technology to make it, or that they actually didn't mean it "that way" and tell you to modify the design which in real life gets you back to square one, that is, to wipe the work off and start all over again, telling you the same cr*p that you do the best you can. Now you're smarter because you know what the limitations are, but then the whole design will end up far away from the best you can create. Well, that is what I'd call hitting the wall. It's not specific software related because software allows you to make practically anything. The recent water tapping event reminded me of this...

BTW, I get that sort of headache at least two or three times each year...

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I always pad my quotes expecting this will happen. Most customers (and employers for that matter) who use a designer usually go through these steps of not knowing what they want. If they knew how to visualize and properly relay what they want and how they need it made they probably wouldnt need you in the first place. :)

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I know what you mean, but... as long as I get paid for the hours.. I do not mind.

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Multiple times daily. My boss seems to have OCD and expects me to have ESP.

I design something that would work perfectly but because it isn't EXACTLY what the image he had in his head was, I need to change it. I have to use SolidWorks because it is what they use and it isn't the quickest thing for unexpected last minute major changes. So it is off to revising sketches, feature trees and debugging mate errors. Wall, meet head!

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In designing and engineering are always contradictory requirements. To prevent this ' and ours healty' its always better to want a written task from customer signed and sealed, that you always can say after your work - You asked for it!. If working on given words trouble is here

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Every day is a challenge, No matter if you have been at this for 20 years, there will always be some new challenge. The key is finding the workaround.

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